Improve as a Job Developer

Dwayne Ross invites you to participate in a Online Training… for Job Developers. Send a message for dates and invites to you to this remote training.

There are a number of job developers who are doing things the old fashion way. Going out beating the pavement and hanging in the bushes hoping for an opening to fall into their laps. Today’s market calls for more relationships and this workshop dives into the reason many are failing and a few strategies that are being used across the nation as best practices that anyone can put into play once they understand the dynamics of Job Development and job placement.

Learn more today… This workshop is designed to truly challenge you as a job placement specialist, job developer, job coach or employment specialist. I was speaking to Ron, Anita, Larry and Carl and they all agreed… As Job Development Brokers there are a variety of challenges you will face daily as you strive to get jobs for people. The funny thing is we really don’t get jobs for people, we create relations hips that create opportunities. During a session I also spoke to Deniece, Horace, Robert and Jerome and the conversation was excellent. They all agreed that this workshop challenged their current beliefs and added some new perspective to what they already knew. Dwayne Ross is creating a Job Development Tool Box for you and your staff… Give him a call or leave a comment today.


Speedy Presentations with Ignite Show

Today Dwayne Ross was working on getting some things done and clicked a link that was talking about having a 22 minute meeting…

You only have 5 minutes to tell your story. Stories are everywhere… This morning I had a story about waking up early before my alarm…I had another story about receiving a text from my soon to be 16 year old son asking for an iPhone 5S for his birthday but he doesn’t have time to call to say “Hi” Dad, how are you? What a story that is… ┬áSo if you have a story to tell maybe this is for you… It’s a cool platform that allows anyone who wants to participate an opportunity to host an event and plug it onto the Ignite website. Consider this… You have topics that you have a passion about and if you want to share it with the world you need a platform. Here’s one that is simple, easy and manageable. DR

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