Dwayne Ross & Employing At Risk Populations

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This month Dwayne Ross wants to hep you and your staff understand some of the difficulty with locating employment for those who are considered at risk. What exactly are they at risk for? Incarceration, Single Parents, Gang members, Homeless Youth, High School Drop Outs, Youth exiting from Foster Care, Battered Women, Homeless and Veterans. Of course the list can go on… any one who has trouble locating and obtaining work. Today that can be long tern unemployed as well. In this presentation Dwayne Ross discussed all of the groups and the key systems that need to be in place to make locating work a success. He explained the difference between work and a job as well as customized employment and job carving.

Dwayne also explored the myths associated with looking for work and how the mind set of those doing the helping plays against those who are in search of the ultimate pay day. Where is your heart? Do you have an expectation that supersedes the barriers to employment? Do you really believe everyone is Employable? if not then you may be in for a up hill battle.  Check out this Prezi and please leave feedback if it was helpful. Got questions? Send him a response by posting a comment.  Help facilitate the topic today.

Employing At Risk Populations

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