“I Don’t Understand Stagnant..” Carolyn Malachi

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Hey everyone, hope all is going well as we transition from Winter into Spring. I heard a songbird and I had to share this with everyone. Have you heard the name Carolyn Malachi? How about Sunshine? No…  Not Sunshine Anderson…  Sunshine!

I am working on the program for the Dream Extreme event for Foster Care Shines and as I was doing so I came across a rare talent. To many it’s one in a million but to me… it’s the best in a million. Not only because of her vocal sty-lings, but because you can feel her heart it seems through her words. What words you might ask? The words spoken in an interview while she was getting her make up on for a photo shoot. The words are so powerful I had to stop what I was doing and make this post right now. Hope you like this…video and please  scroll down to see the quote. The power-filled words that make this post so important to me and I hope encourages you.

Introducing Ms. Carolyn Malachi

“What’s attractive about being Stagnant? I only Understand Progression!”


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