“I Don’t Understand Stagnant..” Carolyn Malachi

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Hey everyone, hope all is going well as we transition from Winter into Spring. I heard a songbird and I had to share this with everyone. Have you heard the name Carolyn Malachi? How about Sunshine? No…  Not Sunshine Anderson…  Sunshine!

I am working on the program for the Dream Extreme event for Foster Care Shines and as I was doing so I came across a rare talent. To many it’s one in a million but to me… it’s the best in a million. Not only because of her vocal sty-lings, but because you can feel her heart it seems through her words. What words you might ask? The words spoken in an interview while she was getting her make up on for a photo shoot. The words are so powerful I had to stop what I was doing and make this post right now. Hope you like this…video and please  scroll down to see the quote. The power-filled words that make this post so important to me and I hope encourages you.

Introducing Ms. Carolyn Malachi

“What’s attractive about being Stagnant? I only Understand Progression!”


Turn Your Shift Around part 2

Dwayne Ross provides On site Human Service Staff Development Training, Youth Development, Online Travel Marketing and MLM information reviews, Blog Training & Suggestions.

Hey there… so I had an interesting conversation with Mrs C my Music Sensory Instructor. We talked about how so many of us start out in our lives with this wonderful idea of how the world works and where we will be by age 30 etc. It is uncanny how so many people are truly lost in some other part of the community or world when they thought they had a really cool GPS that was going to get them to the nice house, the nice high paying job, the really hot girl or boy friend, the most amazing dog and oh don’t forget the picket fence… okay maybe not the picket fence, I never wanted that. I wanted the nice big iron gates where the you had to hit the button to be let in… you get the picture.

Check out this President Who decided to Shift His Focus!

I was not sure what was going to happen but I knew it wasn’t happening with the way things were going. To get any of things you want to manifest you must endure the process to get there. The process is what you must over come, be patient for etc. while you wait to get to the destination. Most of us will not wait. We will change course and end up in places we never should have been and it may cause us to delay in getting what we truly desired.

I was unaware that I was rerouted. I just thought this is another thing that life deals you and well you live through it and that’s how life works. I never questioned my own reasoning that had taken me off course. The most amazing thing is as long as you have breath, you can get back on track. If you hadn’t damaged your self beyond repair… you may still have an opportunity to bring your ship around. As Eisenstein said, “Most people will focus on what is and never truly see what can be.” They get caught in what didn’t happen or how it went wring, or what they don’t have and the missed opportunities etc.

I Think I can... "As a Man Thinks... so is he."

What are you focused on? Your lack? the negative people in your life? the obstacles in the way? the lack of education or any other perceived deficiency? It was really sad how far off course I was but it was exciting that I realized I could still win! You can win! No matter what. Shift your focus on the now. Shift your focus on where you are and then create a plan  to get where you want to be. Get an image of what it is you want not what you don’t want. See your self as if it has already come to pass. The GPS is the road map, the blueprint, the guide that will help you access your perceptions. Some people would rather be lost that to turn on the GPS. They say things like, “I’m the captain of this ship… I know where I’m going… If it’s to be if up to me.” It sounds great, but is it really working for you. I don’t know anyone who has made any significant strides all by themselves. They had a team of consultants, team mates and so many other impact players on their side.

One of the first things you will benefit from when shifting your focus is setting the vision. Where is it that you want to go? Is it your plan or someone else’s? Do you have a passion for  it? Let’s expand on this thought…

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