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In my last article I mentioned… The A B C of a Disputation. By now if you continued to follow the information written you would have a decision to make based upon the Disputation.  A “Disputation” is basically a challenge to your own belief. This Choice allows you to develop a plan of action.

The Power is in the Action! Not the Thinking or the Choice but the ability to reach forth and Do Something. It’s time to Turn on your Thoughts! Every millionaire makes this part of his/her regular daily activity, they Think on Purpose and then they Take Steps towards the things they have spent purposeful thought on. By making your thoughts deliberate, you will produce the opportunities needed to get the results you are already committed to! Sounds crazy right? So you want to make money on-line… What Affiliate will you choose? How do you choose the Right one? It may not be the best… but it needs to be Right for You. Specific… When you made your Disputation what did you Decide? Will you market a Info Product? A How to Book? Green Tea? What Problem will you Solve?

Break out of the Rat Race as a Newbie… by focusing. Take your Disputation and look at the  Challenge and Take a specific action. Choose an Affiliate. This will not be based upon luck, chance or anything of the sort. It is based upon a definite idea… a real true demand. What did you Demand? Will it to happen and let’s go get the life you desire. You will start to make Money online as soon as you decide exactly “How” you plan to get it!

One night, I was awaken by my mind working on the thought and about 3 am I said out loud “I Will Make Money with my Online Business ” I then created my affirmation… I am sweat-lessly recruiting, promoting and making $500,000 by December 2014″  the next thing I know, I received a letter in the mail from a top trainer regarding Making Money on the Internet! I did not order it … It came to Me! Seek and Ye Shall Find is Powerful but ASK! and it shall be Given to You is even more Powerful!   It’s biblical and it’s no secret, it works because it is a principle of this Kingdom… Anthony Robbins said it, Napoleon Hill said it, Les Brown says it and I said it…

“Any true idea “Acted Upon” will result in Riches far above the conceived thought”

Imagine it now!

Imagination for Dwayne Ross

I hope you enjoyed this post. One of my personal goals is to destroy the Rat Race Blues! while I reveal the Myth of Making Money Online!

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Employee or Ownership… What’s best for our Youth?

Dwayne Ross provides On site Human Service Staff Development Training, Youth Development, Online Travel Marketing and MLM information reviews, Blog Training & Suggestions

For a while now I have written about humans services, multi-level or network marketing, training tips and youth development. I was listening to NPR National Public Radio where the topic was dedicated to issues surrounding  the unemployed college graduates. This topic also made it’s way into the debates.  Youth development in High School teaches young people how to be employees even when society is teaching them to be the “Boss.” The fear of many of the students is that the market recovery is not producing enough jobs for all of the graduates. Another factor is the under-employment experienced by many of the graduates as well. They are getting part time jobs… in fields out of their career choice and some are plain frustrated.

happy-training 1

My belief is that if you really think about the issue… it’s a choice between working for themselves or someone else. To work for them selves they still need to have good work ethics. It may also require some specialized skill. I’d like to offer a few thoughts about this… Let’s say they like to talk about snow boarding? or You Tube or The Voice or maybe President Obama and the issues facing our world. How can they take those events or ideas and make money? If they are in college to learn a special skill them most likely they will get a job in that area but if they are earning a degree in say Liberal Arts? where will they start once they graduate? I am actually dealing with this topic as a Out of the home dad. (another blog topic later) with my daughter. She has changed her major three times in one year. Her friends have changed theirs as well. One just decided not to major in anything because she is afraid if she picks one she will not be able to get a job later… it’s very frightening to say the least. So here’s the choice… be an Employee or an Owner.

I teach in my workshops, that you need to own a small business while you attend college. You really don’t need to worry about what it is you want to do the first two years because things change. Once you get to year number three focus. Blogging like this is another way to make money part time as well. The fun is getting paid to blog, but how?

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