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One of the interesting responses that I received after this training was from someone who said… “Still unclear what this means… work first? Employment first needs to be clarified and emphasized.” The title was Cultivating a Work First Attitude for Direct Support Professionals… my opening statement was, this is dedicated to improving the employment first “mind-set” for those who are direct support professionals. I guess to clarify this even further is to ask the person to review the information from the last post and make a few specific comments here.

Employment First starts with the idea that “everyone is employable.” Everyone deserves an opportunity to make money doing something they enjoy and have an ability to accomplish. It also begins with the assumption that the Sate of Maryland and the Federal Government wants to have those who are enrolled in supports to truly make employment a priority in the “Individualized Plan” for every Individual receiving supports. It’s the first step and not a last thought.  I hope that helps… As I read other statements I came across this  statement for the question, “What was most useful..”  The brain storming and job development activity and the I have, I can, I am process and it’s use. This is one of the most overlooked systems regarding discovery. If a person can truly get the attention of the decision maker and get the interest in a few seconds this is usually going to lead to a possible job interview and the rest as they say is history so let me break this own for you…

I have: When you identify three specific skills that the person has in a particular field write it as an “I have statement.”

Example: “I have three years experience researching information on the Internet.”

The next step is to identify the skills associated with the I have statement. If the person can research using Google Ad-words, Identify long tail keywords and locate key images and media to use for a variety of topics… it needs to be highlighted in the conversation. It will be used an an “I can” statement.

Example: “I can research information using Google Ad-words, identity Long-tail keywords and locate key marketing images and media for a variety of topics.

And finally the person needs to highlight three key factors associated with supporting the skills already identified as person success statements in the “I am” statements.By supporting the information above the person can now paint the picture that they are ready for the job and the interviewer would be foolish to by pass them with all of this experience. the chances of anyone using this in the proper way is nearly 1 in 100 or even more. Most job developers and job seekers are still doing things the old way…  watching and hoping for a chance and volunteering first instead of asking for the job right up front. If you believe in the Individual you support and really think he or she can do the job… go for it!  The “I am” statement should read like this… it’s a script to be used over the phone and in person. “I am, detailed oriented, I work well on my own or with my personal success coach and I enjoy seeing a task though until completion.”  Continue with… I am ready to work and I’d love to meet with you to see exactly how I can use my talents, skills and abilities with your organization or company. Would meeting you today at 1 pm be good or meeting you tomorrow at 10:30 am be better?  Then wait for a response..

Do it today… practice it with a co-worker and let me know how it worked out.   It works if you work it!


Employment First? What about sub minimum wage?

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Today I was engaged in a workshop where we talked about the Maryland State position on work first or “Employment First.”  So what exactly is the Employment First Initiative…   “And being the first and preferred outcome for working-age youth and adults with disabilities, including those with complex and significant disabilities, for who working in the past has been limited, or has not traditionally occurred.” In other words the first step after High School will be that Individuals with disabilities and even those who do not have a disability but are tied to some form of services will need to engage in finding work… getting a job, before they engage in other things like activity based programming. The goal is to begin the transition process with work and employment as the focus instead of care and basic support.

Locating the right job, or work requires everyone to get involved. The parents, the case managers, the resource coordinators, the job coach, the employment specialist the job developer… everyone connected to the individuals will be engaged in discovering exactly what it is that the person can actually Do!     Check this out! Click Here.

More on Self Employment as an option…  


During the processing of the workshop today we talked about how important that discovery is. So many people go out looking for a job to fill… a place to fit in. My expereince is that we need to carve, customize or create. This is the best practice as outlines by the pioneers of “Customized employment” and it works well for those who are engaged in the employment first initiative. 

Want more… Check out Eric!

Take a look at this to learn more about Maryland’s Employment First Initiative.  I will be posting more from the workshop along with comments and answers from those who attended the workshop today.  Employment First is what we should all do… no matter how significant the disability is. I believe self employment and micro-enterprise however is one major way to level the playing field and make employment reachable to many who struggle trying to fit round lives into square opportunities. care to join me? Leave a comment and get a free cup of coffee on me!                             God Bless!

Another resource for Self Employment Click Here.

Using e-mail as a Post: Shifitng Your Focus!

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I’ve been knee deep in the editing of my blog site to make sure I include both the training that I do and the business support information I’m involved in.  Actually I had time to talk about the mindset that we all must have as we move into the next 4 years. I am hearing all this talk about the government but we cannot depend on them to give us access, we must be about what the fore fathers wanted us to be about, and it is Freedom.

I heard about posting my e-mails instead of just my blog thoughts so this is my first e-mail post… reusing my content because good content matters. When I find some thing that I believe can work for you, I will also post a link so you can check it out. 

I had a chance to check out my back office videos and the one that describes travel and the amazing opportunities to engage people about this topic. The question was asked; “If you had the money for you bills and had time to do anything you wanted to do what would you do? Everyone… well 99% said… Travel.

Watch this video and check out Exactly how to make money in the travel business. I’m not saying this is for everyone but there are already 45 million retired people in ready to go on vacations of a life time. First Travel Alliance is number 1 when it comes to providing the best options in travel.

Shifting from a job mentality into a “income creation” mindset will lead you to looking for ways to make money out side of a paycheck. Shifting your focus to recognize income opportunities whether online, in your neighborhood or something you create.  

In fact, I will provide a free PDF download exercise where I will walk you through why I think travel is one of the top income opportunities for those who are seeking to start something. FACT: Today, $17 million dollars are spent every sixty seconds on travel… Seventeen Million Dollars per Minute!

Watch it now here: 

Or Go to http:www.SeventeenMillionPerMinute.com

Enjoy,     ~ Dwayne

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot I will be sharing the simplest three stage process of getting more people involved with your business with one of the most powerful marketing techniques that I use for my business and you can duplicate it 100% of the time.

It’s worth watching this video just for that! 



Updating Your Mind Set “Shift Your Thinking”

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In a few days I will be sharing information about “Cultivating the Employment First Attitude for Direct Support Professional” at one of the partner agencies where I work. As I share the information I an certain that I will encounter the person who is currently living on the But. What does that mean? They will say yeah but… this and I understand but… Well that might work for some but… and I will be challenged with helping them get their but, out of the way so they can experience some thing new or allow someone else to experience something new for them selves.

When you encounter the yeah but person as your self “how qualified is this person to give you this objection?” Are they a business owner? do they work two jobs? Have they ever started something and actually finished?  What do they really know about what you are about to embark upon. I want to encourage you to “Update your Mindset!” Clarify your vision and stick to what you wanted when you started… success. Most people see failure in the wrong way… “I’d rather talk to a person who has failed in the attempt instead of listening to a naysayer who never went!”

When you update your mindset think about a few key facts:

1.  No one can ever see it from your shoes.. only you

2.  You are the main ingredient to your success… Y O U

3.  Begin with the end in mind not someone’s opinion!

4.  Opinions are everywhere… Seek wise advice only

5.  Anything begins with the first step… Take Action!

There are thousands of books and tapes and stories centered around the ideal of having a “Do Something Now” mindset. There’s a book called ‘Think and Grow Rich” where the author traveled and spoke to all of the great thought creators of his time and they shared very key strategies that were crucial to their success. Every single one of them talked about guarding your thoughts.. they all shared how they maintained a positive mental attitude no matter what.

In the book 59 seconds we are encouraged to submit to the thought quickly. If you have an idea go for it! “Too many cooks lead to no body cooking at all. “Les Brown said, “Act on life before life acts on you… if you go through life casually you’ll end up a casualty.”  There are a number of practical steps you can take to get settled upon what it is you want to do to “Update your Mindset.” Instead of thinking of what will happen if it doesn’t work out… think on what if it works! Look into the reward of making it so.  There’s another book that shows you how to create a map… Mind Mapping. I can explain later but in essence you will take a thought and carry it out freely without allowing all of the distractions to keep you stuck in the what if it doesn’t work category.  We will explore that in the next post. until then I invite you to think on the things that bring you love, joy, peace and harmony of life. These are free.  Updating your mind is similar to rebooting your computer… if it’s stuck it’s time to re-boot and get things moving along the way they are intended to move.  Please take a moment and make comment and let me know what you think about this post! et

Hotep… God Bless… and have a Great Day!  

How to Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget Part 2

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Get a Biz 247 Okay so you know you should get a business but what type? Where? WHAT ETC.  The truth of the matter is there are so many things you must realize when you think of the alternative. One huge advantage is taxes. We as Anericans send a lot of money to the tax office. It’s taxes for this and taxes for that and we get lost in the storm of taxation. Business owners understand that most of what they do will benefit the fact that they are working towards a profit so… it’s usually how can i do this and make it tax deductible… Check out this excerpt from a Sandy Botkin article on what we do as consumers.

Where The Money Goes  (edited from Intorverts in Network Marketing Blog)

Ms. Quinn’s example assumed that a man was earning $40,000 per year. His wife (we will call her Lori) wasn’t working. They had more month than money. (Sound familiar?) Lori subsequently got an administrative job for $15,000 per year. You would think this would improve the family’s financial situation, but when Ms. Quinn examined the economics of getting this extra income, the results were startling!

Lori had to pay federal and provincial taxes on her new income. Since they filed jointly, the family’s combined income was what established their tax bracket. She paid $4,500 in new taxes, most of which was non-deductible, for federal and provincial income tax.

Lori had old age security withheld from her paycheck at the rate of 7.65 percent, which amounted to an additional nondeductible amount of $1,148 being extracted from her salary. She also had to commute to work 10 miles a day round trip, which is probably conservative for most people. This resulted (in 1995) in nondeductible commuting costs of $696.

Lori also had some child care expenses, which give a partial tax credit. Ms. Quinn figured that the amount spent over and beyond the tax credit was $4,250 per year.

Lori also ate out each day with colleagues, spending an average of $5 per day, five days a week. This results in a nondeductible expense of $1,250 a year. (I would love to know where she ate for only $5.)

Now that Lori has a job, she has to have professional clothing–this means a hefty dry cleaning bill. Ms. Quinn assumed that Lori’s increased expenses here amounted to an extra $1,000 per year, nondeductible, of course.

Finally, with both spouses working, Lori wasn’t in the mood to cook dinner every night. They bought more convenience foods and ate out more frequently. This resulted in increased food costs of a nondeductible $1,000 per year at minimum.

Add it all up and Lori’s take-home pay was a paltry $1,156 a year, for which she had to put up with a daily commute, an unpleasant boss and corporate hassles.   END.

If you don’t understand the truth of the matter you will continue to fall in the line of the masses. It was Earl Nightingale who said, “See where everyone else is going and then go the other way!” To Lead the Field… don’t be a follower, blaze a new trail!   


Talk to you later… Thanks!

How to Start a New Business on a Shoestring Budget Part I

Dwayne Ross Training and Development is dedicated to always providing you information you can use. No superfluous information here.

Start it now! I was so energized when I noticed all of the new building projects going up in my town. Not only in my town but all around the State and neighboring states as well. It was as if a light switch was turned on and people began to dream again… Dream again? Yes! DREAM and I decided that very day that I needed to rekindle my families dream as well. We had talked about a legacy but what were we leaving? Bills? Taxes? My sister had just passed away in June this year and she left a lot of wisdom but that was about it… no monetary support for her single family daughter, or her husband for over 20 years and what about the grand kids? Nada!

They had a small savings a few thousand dollars but pass that there was no monetary leagcy and I decided this must never be my story. I set sail on the adventure of starting a small tax savings… a Business. Now, I am not saying a business is the only way any of us can get ahead but waht I know is this… It’s one of the best tax strategies if you happen to pay over 30% in taxes and you are single or married being doubled taxed in your home. Yes, between my wife and I we are taxed 68% for every dollar we make. The IRS will snatch 30-34% from each pay check. Okay, so you already know this? Great you are ahead of the game but what about the rest of us? The people who struggle week to week?

My advice is to own a business. This is not just my advice but I found a really cool You tube video by Coach Cathy explaining it very simply, very easily and very honestly.

“Pursue a profit with whatever you know how to do.” It’s not easy but it can be done… you can learn exactly how to start a small business (at home) on a shoestring budget right here and right now. Let me explain

Let’s say you like to travel… maybe you can be a Travel Agent. http://tinyurl.com/Click2Travel  My wife gets paid by the owner of a local hair salon… maybe we can own a Hair Salon. I like to teach and train so perhaps I need to get involved with some contract training… Yes! It’s simple… it’s something I love to do and people enjoy my presentations… maybe I will be one of the best. Those were all similar statements that played in my head over the years until one day I decided to Go for it!

I started an online greeting cards company for less than  $300.00 It was a mini-franchise, all I had to do was guide people to my website and when they sent a card… I received a small piece of change in my bank account. Cha-Ching!

If you wanted to start some thing without having a large overhead, no buildings to manage, no people to supervise etc. consider an online business. I have a ZamZuu store… when I want to buy anything I don’t go to the store first… I go to the Zam Zuu store first. It’s wonderful and I always save money for two reasons… I get a discount and second I get a tax write off later due to the expenses.  My goal now it to make things that I do show up in my “Expense” area of the budget. Business owners have expenses not bills. It’s the cost of doing business. Doesn’t the CEO need to drive a vehicle? sure… let the business buy it. Does the CEO need clothes? Let the business buy it. Does the mileage from place to place have a deduction opportunity? Yes! if it’s business related. Can you take a cruise and have it show up as an expense not a liability? Sure if you travel right and document correctly. It’s so much to cover but not all on this post. Check out the things I have said by scrolling down to the bottom of the page where my banners are. Everyone of them is a link to some form of expense-able entity. Yes you should discover small business opportunities that only require a few dollars to start but offer a great return. Why spend thousands of dollars when you don’t really need to. Here’s the travel site I have and it was less than $300.00 and only $50 per month to maintain my web site… but when anyone books on my site… I can make a 60% commission…

Wanna Get Away?  http://tinyurl.com/Click2Travel

Dwayne Ross provides Technical and Staff  and Youth development training to Human Service agencies and Direct Support Professionals who work with at risk populations and those with disabilities.

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