Dr. Hinden & My Leadership Development


Hope all is well. Getting some cool information here in Baltimore at the “Reinventing Quality Conference.”

As you all know there are many people out there who state that they are leadership coaches and personal development coaches etc. Tiger Woods has one, Kobi Bryant has one and many of the greats have all needed someone to help them get to the higher now. I decided to give it a chance in my life as well. I was pleasantly surprised. First I must say I was skeptical… When hearing a message from anyone concerning your needs you ususally get fueled enough to move forward but then we tend to fizz out. I have discovered in order for me to be a better leader, I need tools! I need advice.. I need guidance as well. A few concrete strategies designed to improve and move forward.

While at the “Reinventing Quality Conference” I reached out when I met a wonderful spirit in the form of Dr. Hinden. We spoke briefly and I decided to set a 15 minute session with her and it was just what I needed!

Refreshing doesn’t give it justice…  I walked away with a renewed since of purpose.  At first, I wanted to talk about my job, but I was asked about my own personal development as well and decided why not… it will help me at work if I apply it.  If I am improved, everything around me will improve!  As a Board member, I can bring this excellence to my board… As a Director of Vocational Services, I can bring this to my staff and as a Father wanting the best for my family, I can bring this to them…

What did I learn about my self? I will Focus on My Mission… not Money! I will Give and not worry about getting! I will bless others with my talent and gifts and focus on those who can afford to pay what the market bares for someone with my skill and abilities!

Did I know these things before speaking with her… Yes!

Did I ever say them to myself? Not recently. She questioned me in a way that helped me once again get motivated toward my own gift. “Everything you need and ever wanted is right in front of your face!” I said that in my very first presentation in Dallas Texas many years ago… Over time I allowed it to lay dormant due to the cares of the world and failures… today I was reminded: Failures are only failures to those who tend to see them that way… I did not fail… I learned!

Thanks Dr. Hinden. Please send her a tweet (@drhinden) or check out her web site if this has been a helpful post for you.

www.Managance.com    Consulting

Talk to you soon!

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