Turn off the Job Search & find Work!

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What do you do when you can’t seem to find a job? Go to work! What? Go to work… how do you do that? Well it’s part of shifting your focus from looking for a job towards making money with your skills, abilities and passions.  So many people who are on jobs wish they could just let go and go after their dreams but they get stuck because of the responsibilities of bills, family, etc. The reality is they defer the best years of their lives to go to a job they can’t stand or doing things on a job that drains their creativity instead of empowering their passion. For some a job is safe… it’s dependable… it’s a known existence… it’s rather predictable. As long as you have the job, you know exactly where to go most of the time, what to do and who to do it with. The risk is much lower. So what do you do when you have a burning desire to go after a dream but you are stuck?

Get unstuck! Turn on your imagination. Dream! then go take “One” step towards bring it to reality, every day.  Let’s explore…

I was talking to a business partner about making the shift from my job to the work that I enjoy the most… teaching and training others.   I had to truly take inventory of where I wanted to go in life. What I wanted to do to make a difference in this world. I made a decision to make the step by challenging myself with a local presentation. I put my pride on the line and contacted the “Training Coordinator.” I sent a simple e-mail stating how I had the ability to bring quality training to his organization and if he had a minute to look over my proposal.  It was a few days later that I received an e-mail response asking me to give him a call. I already anticipated the yes, which gave me the confidence to take another step. I sent a few dates and waited.

When we talked, I gave him a compelling reason to meet with me and look over the training presentation topics I could provide to the organization.  We agreed that I would go ahead and conduct a presentation with the idea that if it went well… we could continue but if it went sour… that was it. I took another step towards my desire to do what I love to do versus wait until I retire and then go after the dream. So many people are deferring their dreams instead of going after it! By shifting your focus, you will see that internally you will feel powerful. You will advance towards your truth.   If you want to know more about exactly how to live your dream and do what you love… leave a comment or e-mail me and I will share a few specific things that you can do to bring your dream into focus.

Here’s what Motivational Speaker Les Brown says about Taking a Risk!                      (shared from SuccessKey’s)

The next step is to set yourself up. Create real moments to do real things that are congruent with your dream.  As I said, Risk is better than fear. Fear keeps you stuck… risk allows you to take a chance on you. If you did a good job… you will find out how to do good work.  Feel the fear and do it anyway is a very positive way to look at it.

I don’t know exactly who said it first but even in the bible you can read a passage that says…  “Walk by Faith not by Sight. ”  

Turn off the Job Search and Go Do Your Work! 

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