Low Cost Web Pages for New Business Owners

Welcome to this post and I hope it can help you if you received an e-mail from my most recent Mail Chimp e-mail Blast. I have met a hundred or more business owners who said they have a business but they did not have a web page, web site and domain name. I was excited because the purpose of my site id to help new business owners use simple systems to get them seen online.

So here you are a new business owner and someone says hey I can make you a web site but then you start backing out of the conversation because you think man this is going to cost a lot of money… until now. If you came to this site it is simply a word press blog site and it’s a way to park your information until you start getting traffic to your site or use it as a destination for those who pick up your business card.

A low cost web page for new business owners is exactly what most small business owners can use. The best reason is the fact that it’s simple to use, quick to set up and easy to update anytime you desire. With a blog you can get your message out about your company all over the internet for a fraction of the cost of any web designer. You can use a no cost template to get started and then update to a low cost theme if you choose to.

My hope is that you will check out the archived videos and previous post to get an idea of exactly how to get started. Now I am not an expert in this by no means but I am much further than anyone who is just getting started. You can create a low cost web site in less than 24 hours as a matter of fact if you follow these steps I am about to share you can get this going in about 3 solid hours just taking the step by step instructions I am sharing right here. Let’s get started…


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