EcoXtreme Auto Spa comes to MD is a place to get the very best products for your Waterless Car Wash System. Haven’t heard of Waterless Car wash? Well there’s an amazing Industry that is slowly coming of age. I was introduced to this market by Mr. Wayne Dixon Jr. of EcoXtreme Auto Spa. At first I was wondering how in the world can you wash a car without water? There had a to be a catch so I invited him to do a demo.

Here’s Mr. Elliott’s video: Freedom is his brand but you can have your own brand, I will show you exactly how to create part time income.

Watch Me!

Well to my surprise it wasn’t 100% without water but he only used enough water for a small drink! No hose… No water all over the place… He came dressed in a suit and tie. This system is a new business that anyone can get involved with and it’s a billion dollar industry.

Why am I talking about it here at you ask? Well I want to provide the young people a way to make money for their families in a way that you do not need a car to drive all over town… you can walk in your hood and create income! I want to teach and train 100 young people from the VA, MD and DC area exactly how to turn some really spare time into some serious spare change! You don’t need to look for a summer job when you can be the job!
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