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It was fun learning what I needed to do to help every small business in my local area. I decided to do a test to make sure the system works. Remember Systems Work When You don’t. I used a local plumbing company and the results were excellent… they are still on page one after nearly (check it out) a year and they only used one search term. The owner did not want to invest online… He rather pay for a listing in a directory. I decided to leave his basis info there and check the stats etc. If he had one lead from the work that I completed to test his site to show him the value… it would be worth it, but I give away more than I should so I just gave it away.
He can check it out too.

The communication that your customer gets from finding you in a directory is… You will Negotiate the price. If you don’t… guess where they will go? To the next company in the same directory. Any way it worked. I invite you to learn about how to use the system for your business. It can be used for a business, a product or a person. I can help you get your company noticed! Today!

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