Do what you love and get paid for it!

Dwayne Ross shares a simple formula for what he does to make sure his life includes the things he loves to do.

Success magazine had an article about People who were living the dream. Living by their terms and not needing to answer to anyone. It made me think about my own life when I was doing what many would call, living my life on my terms. The best of times was cool. I was flying here and there spending days in many places meeting all types of people and spending money fast. I remember being in the Airport waiting and sitting across from me was Pam Grier. I can remember standing on a stage getting ready to speak and the speaker coming after me was Les Brown. It was amazing! At one point I had even been in Los Angeles with this fairly unknown guy named Jack Canfield. I didn’t realize I was actually living my dream because I was too focused on getting there. I remember speaking for about 45 minutes and the payment for that day was $2500.00

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It wasn’t about money for me it was about doing what I loved… Speaking to groups and watching people take a chance on them selves.. watching them Change. How are you living? Pay check to paycheck? Crisis to crisis? It’s time to brush yourself off and get back into the game. Break out of the mold. It’s good to be a person going across the current. If you are working you job, keep working but start planning. Set up your next move… Go for the gusto. Do what you love to do and get paid for it. I love to create. So video creating is fun for me. I can start a project and it may take me four or five hours maybe even more to create but I have fun. Time passes so fast because when I am creating, I’m in my zone. So maybe you came to this site to find out How can you make money getting paid for what you enjoy. Where here’s a video of a guy who started a few years back and is now a nationally known consultant in the field that I am just breaking into. His name is Stephen Pierce. He was at the Empowerment Conference I attended in Baltimore and here’s what he has to say about making money with Click-bank… not sure what that is?

Generate Traffic with Videos? Yup!

Free Video Tells You How With Video, You Can Generate Traffic Leads for Any Business… Even if you Have a Very Small Budget!
I want to make sure you are getting exactly what I was given when I started. have you heard of Shoestring Budgets? Do you have one? Well many small business owners always tell me of their money woes… My response is the same. You will need to spend something on your marketing. Free marketing just takes so very long and the results are not as effective because you tap into many who are “just looking”

Watch this Video below and if you would like a free tool to help you build your list and get traffic using a very simple video… and a System!

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Behind the Wheel Basics Part 3

So what would Dwayne Ross tell a person who is an Internet Marketing Newbie who wanted Step by Step Instructions? Well first of all he would ask… Are you convinced that this can work for you? Do you believe it?
If they said No then he would say that’s great, let me show you some truth to help you become settled on exactly what you want to know about internet marketing and exactly how to use internet marketing as a second source or even a primary source to tell people about something that has value. You do not sell anyone, anything… You interrupt them to educate them about something they searched for… let your information close the deal. Is there a Internet Marketing Newbie Step by Step Guide someplace on the net? You bet but now here’s the question… out of the 6 Million competing pages for that term, who’s information is the best? Who’s is the worst? Who’s is not information at all just a bunch of hype? Click here and find out. Don’t want to click keep reading…

So what does a Newbie do first? Choose! Make a choice. Life is Choice Driven and because you made a decision, you have made a choice. If you can’t truly make a choice, then at least explore 3 to 5 options. Adults like having options. You can have a Job, work a second job… invest in something and or begin your own online business. Now I know most people want a turn key business and the internet can provide that for you. A web site, and some traffic and you are in the game. is it that simple, well Yes! but of course once you have it up you must advertise it, get traffic to it… so yes it’s that easy to set it up but it still requires Work! Let me explain… Freedom from the Rat Race

It’s time for you to learn exactly how to use internet marketing to make money from home and start an additional stream of income. Come back for more of the Behind the Wheel Basics… Be blessed!
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Behind the Wheel Basics Part 2

Dwayne Ross here talking about and how come it’s easy to own an on line business. The only issue is who knows where to find you? Did you ever ask anyone to give you a call but forgot to give them your phone number? What will you do? Can you Google them? What happens if they Google you? Bing you or any other search? Will they find you? I have been able to get traffic to my site using a very small ad and a few keywords but I am meeting people who have no web site… no online presence and no way of knowing what to do to get people excited about the small low cost online business they have purchased. Well I want to help you get the basics so here’s another installment of my Behind the Wheel Basics.

I was driving home talking to myself as if I was on a television talk show and I thought why not just record this and see if I can help people. Some of the information may be old hat to you so it’s OK to share with someone who doesn’t know… for those over 45 who are just discovering multiple streams of income, creating residual income and the like.. this clip is for you.

Visiting My Uncle D

Just sharing a little about my Uncle D. I recently visited him and this video will be taken down in about a week or two but I wanted family and friends to find it so it’s on this site. Please go to the You Tube sight to check it out as well.

Hey Uncle Danny… I love you!

Behind the Wheel Basics… Part 1

Listen in on what Dwayne Ross says about a way you can Shift your Focus. If you are only depending on one way to make a living and you only have one stream of income you may need to think again.

I am still working a job and I remind you that the job that I have is only to provide my seed. I invite you to check out why creating additional streams of income is the best defense against todays rising prices and job loss. By the way if you need a job check out the link here on this site. My goal is to create wealth not just make a paycheck. Anyway enjoy and as always please leave a comment. Be blessed. I am!

Sticky: Using Video to Market Your Business

What does Dwayne Ross want you to know?
At My goal is to expose my visitors to good relevant content with regards to training… internet marketing and video marketing. Leave a comment if this helps you. Today I will be talking about “using video to market your business” In a week or two I will be speaking in Hampton Virginia for part two of the Business to business Symposium. So let me finish telling you about this Plumber in Maryland. I was at a Christian Business Forum in Oxen Hills Maryland. After the event, people mill around and talk about this or that. I picked up a business card or two and followed up. I contacted one of the other members of this organization (I had four leads) and began to share what I could do with SEO VIDEO ADVERTISING AND MARKETING PROMOTIONS or “using video to market your business.”

Remember this?

To dominate your market you must be dominant in more than two terms, you must have a number of other factors all working in concert. If you do that you win. Leave any questions as a comment and I will be happy to assist you. I use Traffic Geyser as my engine… I just have not found anything that works as effectively as it works and with one customer per month it’s paid for. Now if you do not have at least one customer paying for the service… wait, it will add up monthly and you want to be a good steward of your cashflow. TTYL
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Let Dwayne Ross give you some more information:
I explained that I can make small 30 to 60 second video commercials and then get them all over the web with an amazing system.

As I spoke with my first potential customer he shared how the information I shared with the group, in the session captured his attention and he began to think about the possibilities of gaining extra customer traffic by “using video to market your business” and video advertising. We met over the phone, I gave him a fast lesson right in front of his computer showing him the results as we were talking. He had no visual presence on the web and his company was in a list site. This is a site where you get ranked but with everyone else in the same arena. So once people find you they compete and bid with you. He was paying $100. for a competing presence. With the techniques and information I shared with him he was unsure and did not commit. That was in May 2010.. it’s March 2011 and… I just checked the results for the Plumber I helped and guess where he’s listed out of over 2 million pages? Page One! for his local area and for only two terms.

Well fast forward… I closed a small trial deal with him. I am not a guru, über ninja marketing dude or internet expert. I am just an everyday guy who was laid off and looking for a way to add some money to my bank account while doing a great service to the small business community and while I was looking for work. I gave him concrete results about “using video to market your business.”

I was listening to Mike K. and Lisa Irby one of whom I consider the top internet teachers, consultants out there and I wanted to share some information or relay something that she relayed… Why Your Blog Makes You ZERO$$$ In the video she stated how you must still adhere to basic business principles and that also applies to “using video to market your business”. You can not just slap up a video and hope you get ranked and the traffic starts pouring in. It takes time and effort…

This is Dwayne Ross saying thanks for stopping by, I hope this information really helps.

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