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You must have video for your affiliate program. There is a guy who was doing training on how to make money with an affiliate program using a video splash page or video based traffic site. This is a quick video that was posted on Viddler to educate you and any one who is looking for a way to increase their income using an affiliate site.

Watch at this link: Go Here!

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DC MD VA Youth and Music Technology Tour

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Do you have a musical talent? Do you dream about wanting to write and produce? Check out this interview with Music Technology Tour CEO J.T. Groove.

Interview with JT from JT Groove on Vimeo.

You’re into music, video, lights, sound or stage production? That’s why you’re here. And people don’t choose a career in entertainment arts. It chooses them. It’s why you feel such a strong desire to work with the musicians, engineers, actors, singers and producers in the entertainment industry.

Whether it’s studio recording, concert sound, movie sound, radio or television broadcasting, or working with a record label or artist management, it’s all about music! If you want to work as a recording engineer, a live sound mixer, record producer, or any other audio career, you will never be satisfied with anything else… this is the door to your future. This id Dwayne Ross and I just want to say…
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Static website? You need Video… Here’s why

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Why Video is the best way to sell and educate your customer? It was 2008 over nearly three years ago learning about the video advertising market. Yes, it was a slow process getting started but now… it’s nearly impossible to get true content seen if it’s stagnant. To make sure your company is getting your advertising out to the people you truly want to reach… use a video.

Here’s an Excellent reason Why:

Don’t waste time… this market is blazing and you don’t want to be left on the sidelines. You don’t have to hope you videos get seen learn exactly how to get your videos seen and ranked! I have some cool information for you and you can try it yourself or contact me to do it for you… Just let me, Dwayne Ross know what you need. Take care and once again Thanks for stopping by, God bless!

Get Traffic to your website… Here’s how!

Traffic is one of the primary reasons companies have web sites. Yes, they have them to highlight how great they are, inform the public about the company and things of that nature… but if doesn’t show up at the bottom line some place how efficient is it? So I pose a question to you the reader… Is SEO optimization Fact or Fiction?

What exactly can a SEO Research Report ( ) do for your company anyway?

Glad you asked. The Top 10 Ranking Requirements Score™ for the web site is: 41 percent.

“site meets 41% web page requirements for a Top 10 Ranking for the term “produce” on google. Note that all ranking factors are weighted equally and that there are some ranking factors that cannot be taken into account because search engines do not reveal the necessary data.”

One factor the report revealed, is how the web site has 59 other areas that are not being considered as the web site is located for the top search term “produce.” One other note the web site name is not the same as the company name. The funny thing is the company name actually has the word Produce in the name but it was not used when creating the web url. Imagine that!

Click Here to Watch the Video Now: Get Ranked by Getting your report.

How to get your Business seen online!
Dwayne Ross is ready to help you with customized training for your service Agency, small business or consultant company.

Are you ready to learn about using video to get your site seen on search engines? How many social media sites are you connected to? what keywords do you use for your niche? Do you have a niche? So many questions… maybe you need to get training. If so why not hang out here and learn about doing what it takes to make money online. I will help

Check this out:

No wonder so many people are saying so much about the economy… the large corporations were able to get a bail out and they still are filling for bankruptcy… well some of them are. The cool thing is that the US economy has always been supported by small mom and pop companies not large corporations. Don’t get me wrong we need companies like FORD and Microsoft, Google and such but we also need to support small business.

I attended a New Business workshop to find out exactly how to get my hobby turned into a viable business. While I was in a group process activity I began to share what I do and immediately three small business owners were asking questions. We were all asked to give a quick overview of what we do and why we do it in about 1 minute. We were asked to exchange business cards… I did not have one for my new venture, so I quickly created one on the spot and turned it into the speaker of the group.

She looked at it and said, “this is just what I was looking for…” and gave me her card and continued to give me insight as to the need of her business on-line. Right then I knew, If I follow the guidance of those who are successful, and truly commit to assisting this market place I can make a living with my online services. That was two weeks ago.

I began to put my business pieces together and set up my approach thanks to the holy spirit (I am a Christian Business) and the guidance I learned that day. fast forward to three days ago, I contacted one of the other members of this organization (I had four leads) and began to share what I could do with SEO VIDEO ADVERTISING AND MARKETING PROMOTIONS.

I explained that I can make small 30 to 60 second video commercials and then get them all over the web with an amazing system. This was the birth of & As I spoke with my first potential customer he shared how the information I shared with the group, in the session captured his attention and he began to think about the possibilities of gaining extra customer traffic by use of video advertising and video based marketing. Learn exactly what to do at a step by step internet marketing workshop… This is Dwayne Ross saying please leave a comment for more information. See you again soon!

Waldorf MD Youth Training Coming Soon!

Dwayne Ross will be hosting a new workshop designed to help young people use the internet to create income. The workshops will be short informational based workshops that will show attendees a variety of Main-Street Marketing tips and help young people break into the online process of generating income.

You will learn:
What is SEO and how do you build it into everything you do online?
What is Internet Marketing and How to Make Money online?
How to make short Video commercials for small business?
What does every business need but few actually have online?
Why are Customers looking for your service?
How to help any company get Page One ranking in Google searches?
What should you charge for your service without being greedy?
How to start an Online Business on a Shoestring budget?

40% of most Small Business owners have a stagnant site or no site at all. You will learn how to design and develop a simple web presence that will get results. Every person who attends these short low cost web marketing courses will be able to walk away from the course and make money within 48 hours or less.

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17 Million Reasons Why Video Works

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Pint Size Darth Vader is Internet Mega Star and he has a Disability!

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