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Hey this is Dwayne Ross and I have something you should know…

Hi everybody,
Stopped by with this video from my You Tube account. Leave a comment to get more information about sing a WordPress Blog site to get people started in having an internet presence. I was able to help a Plumbing company in DC move from page 8, 10 and he was on a rotating site where he was in direct competition with other plumbers in his area. He had no local domination in any way. I showed him what he could do… he was on page 1 and 2 in less than 48 hours.Simple and easy…

Most business owners just dona’t have the time to learn all the things associated with this… so it may be time to let someone like Dwayne Ross do it for you. It only takes 20 minutes to review your needs.

Leave a cool comment… Get a cool e-book in exchange Once again this is Dwayne Ross saying take care of You! Be blessed and get your business seen… Thanks!

How to use a Simple 3 Step Business Plan

Here’s another cool tip from Dwayne Ross the author of No More Crumbs from the Table
Here’s the question? Do you only count on your pay check? If so what happens if for any reason you are not able to work for your paycheck?
Here’s three things you can do right now…

1) 25.00 Start the biz
3) Commit to building a biz through inviting others to do steps 1,2,and 3
2) Find 4 people to tell about this biz

Sounds really simple doens’t it? Well actually I can tell you I did a whole lot of things that were much more complicated to make $25.00 Are you going to meetings every week with the hope that someone you invited actually shows up? Are you calling people you haven’t talked to in months to tell them about this great business opportunity? If you have done any type of business building I bet you answered yes to those two questions.

This is the age of information and the way to do things gets easier and easier when it comes to this type of business building. The truth is I failed at doing what the gurus told me to do. I once drove all the way to Tulsa Oklahoma to meet up with a really good business recruiter. My goal was, if I meet this person and obtain is knowledge I would be successful. I was for a while… but I still didn’t have 1,000 members on my team and make a million dollars. I believed in the concept, but I still was missing something. It was my Invitation! You can never say the exact same thing to every single person you meet. You will vary in speed, tone, attitude and God knows what else. The missing equation was how do I invite with the same power, passion and purpose no matter what. Duplicate Success… Use a Video. The video will not change, the message is crisp every time and it won’t have an emotional moment where maybe it will lose the person’s interest. It will say the same message to every single person 100% the same. So here’s what I invite you to do. Click on the Video below and then click on the link after the video. Sound simple enough? The steps are simple, easy and anyone can do it. Watch Video, click on link below video. That’s my plan. Send 10 people per day to this site, to do this one, two three step business plan… Care to join me? 2 out of 10 will sign up… 1 out of 2 will join… 1 per week equals… See you at the Top!

Watch this Video:

Now Go to this Link: The Sizzle Link!
Well I know I don’t have all the answers but… I will do what I can to help. This is Dwayne Ross asking you to leave a comment if this helped you and take good care of you. Be blessed!

Dwayne Ross and Divine Concept Group and Dwayne Ross met today to talk about an upcoming event designed to help Women of Greatness get off to a great business start in 2011. Over the past three years Mrs. Ward has taken a concept given to her during a lay off and turned into a very relevant conference event which is now in it’s third year. One of the speakers scheduled to make a presentation at the next Business Symposium is none other than me… Dwayne Ross. I asked the question, “Who owns their name on the web?” out of the 30 or so participants maybe 5 hands went up! The three keys shared during this brief overview were…

1) People need to Know You
2) People need to Like You
3) People need to Trust You…

These three components can be quickly accomplished with Video.

The video quality is not a major factor, the content is the key! A person needs to be able to get the video up and on the web in a quick, simple way… The particulars of this will be discussed so don’t miss the next symposium. If you attended the symposium you know that you will need to comment on this blog to qualify for the Free 30 minute Consultation! So tell everyone you know to come visit me… and make sure they don’t miss the most outstanding workshop coming Live to Hampton Roads.

Blogging and driving traffic to your site
Hey there this is Dwayne Ross and I have something I think you should know…

Ok… so I was talking to a person about the business they were involved in and at the end of the conversation I asked… Do you have a web site? She said no, and her husbans said we send out flyers and give out business cards. I asked are you listed in Google? He said what was that? I asked a few other questions like, do you own your name? What name? the name on your business cards? Yeah… so what’s your domain name?
I don’t know? and so the conversation continued. I probed a little deeper just asking basic questions and realized they really didn’t have much going for the business online they just knew a few things and would need my help. I asked,”Do you blog or have a blog site?” Once again they were confused and tried to sound as if they knew what I was talking about. This is a story that is currently playing all over the internet. If you have business and you are not on the web… you are missing a very vital piece of your marketing equation. If this conversation sounds familiar, I can help. Not that you can’t Google and bing your way through because today you find everything you want to know about promoting and marketing your site on line… what I can do is save you TIME! I invite you to Click on the link at the end of this sentence and take a short Survey and by doing so you will be in a contest to get 38 minutes of FREE CONSULTATION Well this is all for now… I really look forward to helping you, so please leave me a comment and this is Dwayne Ross saying so long and God Bless!

Systems Work… when you don’t?

This was a short video talking about why you need a system versus going out attempting to tell the world about the next best thing. By having a system you can trouble shoot it when it’s not producing. If you are the lone ranger out there in the Internet marketing world you are going to waste a lot of time and money going in very small increments toward you goal. Jim Rohn says, you need a System. The Power of 4 System is easy to duplicate because all you really do is invite people to take a tour of your web site. If they like what they hear they move forward… if not they move on. If you use the LOA or Law of Averages on your behalf… you can win. If you have been looking for a job and putting in application after application, while you wait why not take a moment and create income?
Check out this short little video:

Take the Tour Today… It won’t cost you a dime… just a lil time.
watch it and leave a comment. Thanks!

What is SEO and Video Promotion?

Dwayne Ross here with another truly cool tip.. check it out.

For SEO just Google it and you will get millions of pages of really cool stuff or a bunch of sales pages to buy this or that. Your web site needs to meet some specific bench marks to get ranked without doing a lot of underground this and that.
I can show you better that tell you.

Just wanted to share this… if you want a No cost White Paper on this topic, leave a comment! Well this is Dwayne Ross asking you to leave me a comment and let me know if this info was helpful to you. Take care and God Bless.

Dwayne Ross Video Marketing

Have you ever needed a web site but really didn’t want to spend the hundreds of dollars to get one up and running? Well consider this… Once you have your domain name you can market your domain using a splash page.

What is a splash page? SAMPLE:
Ok maybe I can say you may need a squeeze page! If you are not sure about that then let me explain. If you have been searching for anything these days this is the way to go. So when people are looking for you what will they find? Not much if you don’t have mentions all over the net… Being in a directory is better than not being anywhere at all. I was talking to a Barber in my local area and his name is in a number of directories but there really isn’t much about his business. A splash page will do wonders for him. With a splash page he can get leads, add people to his mailing list (e-mail list) who are looking for information about his shop. He can then send them info about his savings, coupons and more. I found out that he has a community day where he sells BBQ and Sea Food to help in the community. That isn’t represented in his directory listing. what about you? A good way to get started is using a video based splash page. This is simply a page on the net that people will come to to find out about your company. You can use it to give away things as well. In my next post I will go into more details but here’s a way for you to gain knowledge without searching all over the web.

I used a video for a trucking company to assist them in getting noticed. Now they went out of business due to poor management and a partner who dropped out but currently the video is still getting plays. I made another video for Paint Ball. It’s getting major play on You Tube… check it out!

You should be using Video and a Splash page! Need one? Contact me.

Leave a comment and tell a friend. By the way if this has been good content for you buzz me up! Friend me… Tweet this and remember, I want to hear from you so interact with me. If you have a company that people need to hear about perhaps we can talk and I can feature you on my blog. If you don’t have a 30 min commercial I can help you get that going too.

Leave a comment and God bless.

Sticky: Get Your Copy of No More Crumbs

Hey this is Dwayne Ross and I have a question for you… Have you read my new book? Well actually it’s not new it’s revised!

Before you get started with going to work this week, Ask your self a question. Is this my only income generating system? If it’s a job who controls it? If the paycheck was to dry up… then what? If the business didn’t work then what?

How will you keep it moving? Multiple Streams of Income is the Key. If you have multiple investments what is the possibility of all of them failing at the same time? Close to none… or very slim if you know anything about investing. This year I want to invite you to invest in you. YOU inc.  

Here’s a short video from the PMS show of what I’m talking about…

I do no endorse or ask you to participate with Shock wealth.

If you can find any of his first video based interviews… the story is the same. You keep telling your story until people Hear you! If of course you have a “compelling story.” Being broke and getting it back is still a good story, getting laid-off and bouncing back is still a good story. Being a single mom, who finds a way to go from welfare to earning six figures in three years is still a pretty compelling story. Job security?
So-So Security? No… it is time to take what you know… what you love to do… and find a way to create wealth. It’s your turn to stop waiting for the promotion and stop settling for Crumbs! Join me!

Buzz me and Ask me About this. Ok for now this is Dwayne Ross asking you to please leave your comment so we can build our relationship. So much to share and yes… it’s just for you!

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