Finding Employment During a Recession
Ok now here is something we all need to consider. Let me, Dwayne Ross give you a really simple tip… but first answer a question.

S What do you do when you are trying to find a job during a recession? It happened to me more than once. So I began to ask what did I do (outside of my belief in God to provide) while looking for work.  I know that when it happened in 1991

I was working in Aerospace and Ronald Reagan had closed a number of Military bases and I lived in California and George AFB and Norton AFB were closed. Douglas Aircraft Company was a major contracted provider of the C17 program when… the notice came.  All over the area especially Long Beach business’ were closing… contracts were cancelled and 5,000 people were laid off, including me. It was 2 years before I was able to gain employment.  This is my story and it’s similar to the stories of today. In 2002 I saw a reduction in contracts while working for a University when Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he was cutting the education budget in California!   I went from a part time income of $45,000 to less than $8,000. It was devastating… but it did not destroy my hope, my will or my desire to do better and go after my dreams!  I will share more in my next post… This is real info that works… use it! This is Dwayne Ross asking you to leave a comment and please tell a friend. It’s really not as difficult as some would make it out to be. God Bless

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