Youth Development is one Key to Future Leaders

I was standing by the gym waiting for my daughter at her High School. While waiting I saw the bus line fill up with a number of young people and they began to jump off the bus through the back door. immediately, I thought about how things had changed.

When I went to school we could never jump off the back of the bus. We were taught to wait… We were taught to respect each other’s time… Most people may have seen a bunch of young people just getting off the bus for school but for me I saw adults who will not want to wait in any line, adults who may walk over others to get their way and so much more. Leadership is developed. Yes, some people have natural leadership abilities but it must be cultivated. 

It is time for boundaries to be reset. It’s time to teach our young people how to be leaders, not followers. One youth at a time! The next time you get a chance to observe our future leaders, take time to see if what they are learning adds up to good leadership. Chances are we can cultivate at any earlier stage and perhaps save ourselves from some of the things we allow these days. I asked my daughter, what did she think about it and she said, “What’s the big deal?”

I knew exactly what we would talk about on the way home. 

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