Job Development in Maryland, DC and Virginia

The DC Job Developer’s Tool BoxImproving Employment in DC, VA and MD through Quality Employer Engagement
In today’s job market, employers are looking for people who can do more with less. Locating jobs for people with multiple barriers can be a daunting task unless you focus on the true needs of an employer.  The Job Developer must tap into a variety of personal skills and sales skill s that everyone can master. This customized workshop helps case managers, job developers in Maryland, dc and Virginia, transition specialist and employment specialist focus on the hidden opportunities within every company. By focusing on the needs, wants and desires of the employer the job developer will unearth a relationship that can send job opportunities his/her way for decades. Participants will be introduced to best practices surrounding job development, how to produce evidence based approach to job development. Long gone are the days of cold calling without a specific designed plan to meet the employers’ needs first. Employers want people who want to work and they are all in business for one reason… to make a profit. The bottom line is the most important line and when you tap into what increases the bottom line, jobs will be supplied to you. By understanding job development in Maryland, DC, VA, employers will be engaged above just getting jobs but through building quality relationships.
Keys you will take away from this workshop
Understanding the evidence based employer focus Solution focused job development;“Shifting your Focus” Analyzing job markets for niche and specialty optionsIdentifying skills and tasks necessary for quality job placementEarned Income Tax Credits and the bottom lineConnecting with the employer through community responsibilityPower Networking and Breaking the Ice with employersSetting reasonable expectations for employers about the employees Re-engaging former connections, FaceBook friends and social contacts

Employers want to know they are investing in people who will make a positive impact on their bottom line. This innovative approach captures the essence of community while strengthening the relationship between agencies and the employers. Attendees will develop a tested strategy designed to increase employment opportunities and provide options as America strives to put all of the citizens to work. Participants will leave this training with practical, simple steps they can put into action immediately as they strive to put people to work by engaging employers in a proven but effective manner.

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